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> >> - but anyway Pd's operating
> language is (and it will be for much time)
> >> english. Since all help files are in english, it's
> not possible to go beyond
> >> a certain level in Pd without coping with this.
> > 
> > Do you mean it's not possible to translate help files
> ?
> I guess it should be as possible as to translate anything
> else. but since the "official language" is english, and all
> attached documents are english, don't know how is feasible
> to translate everything and keep things updated in any other
> language. unless many people have lots of free time.
> >> Having the object list in english slowly makes
> people get used to this
> >> reality
> > 
> > Having the object list translated slowly makes people
> get used to the
> > possible future of translated help files.
> guess so. be my guest, I'm not stopping anyone. just don't
> waste all the time and energy in any uncoordenated effort,
> leaving in the end lots of scattered information.
> >> - I compiled this object list, and am fed up with
> it - it had to
> >> be done with copy-paste.
> > 
> > I have made a tool to maintain an object list in
> several languages. It's
> > what was used to generate gridflow/doc/index.pd.
> Currently I use it only
> > for a single language, but it's already easy to plug
> alternate languages
> > into it, and it sorts the object list alphabetically
> and keeps everything
> > aligned, with the same spacing all over.
> > 
> > Just to make sure : by object list I mean something
> with short
> > descriptions, as found when right-clicking in the
> background of a canvas.
> > You mean the same thing, right ?
> yes. http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/PureData/, "LIST OF
> >> this list is, in theory, already obsolete 5
> minutes after being done.
> >> There are always new objects,
> > 
> > I don't think that there ought to be a single
> centrally-maintained list.
> that was the state of Pd externals before Pd-ext appeared,
> and no one knew exactly how many and which objects were
> available. I don't imagine having things scattered around to
> be of advantage to any users or programmers out there.
> something similar would logically apply to a general object
> list, I haven't heard anyone complaining about the effort
> I've made in making a big (unfinished) list of objects.
> > I
> > also don't think that it ought to be in a format that
> makes you think
> > something like "it's obsolete 5 minutes after being
> done" : a minor update
> > should feel like a minor update and not like a whole
> "oh no, not again !"
> > kind of chore.
> for now the original format is an excel file, hardly a
> recommendable format for a dynamic list. someone had shown
> interest in making a drupal online list server, but I
> haven't heard from him for over an year.

Here's an object list I dynamically created, relying on the 
PDDP tags that I added to each patch.


It makes use of 
pddp/helplink (although I'm finding that for objects that all 
share a common help patch, like [cos] and [sin], helplink 
doesn't work).  It's in order of file name, so it's not quite 

But rather than a big static list, I'd like to see a nice 
object search function that can generate a list relevant to the 
user.  (Especially when searching for externals.)


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