[PD] wiimote external and balance board - a quick test

Athos Bacchiocchi athos.bacchiocchi at tin.it
Mon Jan 3 04:02:21 CET 2011

I installed wiimote external using the rdz repository (https://launchpad.net/~reduzierer/+archive/rdz-pd-extra+deps)

i use pd-extended, so i had to add the path and the startup command manually.
i created an object, and played with wiimote-help.

everything ok with the wiimote itself. Then i tried the balance board. I see it's still untested, and in fact it doesn't work properly.

The balance board has a white button that only flashes for half a second when pressed, and a red button close to the batteries. I tought i could use the white button like the 1+2 on the wiimote, to put the board in discoverable mode. It didn't work, so i tried with the red button. It makes the blue light on the white button blink for a while, and if press the "discover" message connected to [wiimote] object, i receive this outuput in the main window:

wiimote 6 is successfully connected
Retrieved wiimote calibration: zero=(00,00,00) one=(00,00,00)
MotionPlus controller attached.

(the number of the wiimote changes at every connection, increasing i guess)

So, the board is recognized as a wiimotionplus. In fact, in the Balance subpatch, there's no response at all. Instead in the MotionPlus subpatch i can see the Pitch and the Yaw bars moving as i stand and move on the board (the roll bar seems stable and just affected by some kind of noise).

Maybe this can be of some help for the developers, i can make more tests if needed.

athos bacchiocchi

PS: i would also like to know more about the "retrieved wiimote calibration..." stuff. i see it appears with the wiimote as well... what is it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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