[PD] Body tracking

Pedro Lopes pedro.lopes at ist.utl.pt
Fri Jan 7 23:14:47 CET 2011

Body tracking depends on the hardware you have:

is kinect the best way? no. but its awesomely cheap and non intrusive.
Do you have 10k dollars to spend in a vicon (http://www.vicon.com/) motion
tracker? They kill kinect accuracy in an eye blink.

Is there cheaper than kinect? Oh yeah. webcams are there for you. Ps3eye
delivers 60 fps at an amazing cost, and if you want to spend more you have
pointgrey cameras (also 60fps or more) or less phillips has a camera that i
don't the model but gives an astonishing 90fps for 50 bucks. However camera
solutions will require some computer vision processing effort (well.. so
does kinect! even more), and you loose the depth information (Z) that kinect
can offer.

As always. it depends on a complex equation that involves your skill,
budget, desired application, needs (XYZ?), gestures or direct point mapping,
realtime or post?

have fun,

Pedro Lopes (MSc)
contact: pedro.lopes at ist.utl.pt
website: http://web.ist.utl.pt/Pedro.Lopes
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