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Sat Jan 8 22:24:27 CET 2011

On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 8:21 PM, marcello <wallacechemical at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 08/01/11 14:25, cyrille henry wrote:
>> hello,
>> for the kung fu : movement are usually very fast. a camera is usually to
>> slow to be useful.
>> i personally prefer using sensor like accelerometter on the body.
>> you can use wiimote or some other (faster) sensors system.
>> here is a video of a performance i worked for few years ago.
>> http://vimeo.com/4596629
>> sensors are used at time : 4'57 to 6'06 and from 6'43 to 7'23.
>> at 6'43, you can see that this kind of sensors are lot's more accurate
>> that what you'll be able to do with a camera.
> That's a good point about the sensors, I didn't know this camera-latency
> problem.

I think they are two very different solutions. Not just technically.
Append to the performer's body a piece of technology define your work
esthetically too. It defines another kind of interaction, between the
dancer and the environment or public and technology. It's not bad.
It's about what do you want. In my last work we decided to use just
camera tracking for example, in order to make evident the relationship
with camera surveillance system to the public. I'm not saying with
that I prefer camera. Depends witch kind of interaction do you want.

> WHat kind of sensor have you used in your work ?
> Have you used wireless sensors ?

For something like this I'd use wiimotes.

>> imo, camera are good to track body position.
>> kinect look to have a sensing zone that is a bit limited.

You can also use two different cameras at same time if you really need
deep.And will be cheaper than kinect. But that also depend from the
kind of interaction you want. You don't really always need all this

> A combination of the two could be an idea, but then it's complicated to
> merge the data...
> Thanks for the infos

My 2cents
when Art become pratical
we call it technology.

When Technology become useless
we call it Art


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