[PD] theora stream in/out PD - any working version of pdp_icedthe~ ?

Olm-e ol at ogeem.be
Mon Jan 17 14:58:26 CET 2011

hello, trying to get some video stream into pd for the art's birthday,
we find that the help patch for pdp_icedthe~ both in pure:dyne 9.11 and
pd extended 42.5 are throwing errors instead of images ...
when connecting to a stream, it send back connection status framerate
etc ok but the pdp_glx cry and shout "packet is not a PDP_IMAGE" ...
any idea ???

we are also trying to use pdgst but as this still a hell on OSX, any
working solution to get a ogg/theora stream in pd would help... (part of
our participants are using OSX, other use linux flavors... )

tks a lot,


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