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Fri Jan 21 07:42:17 CET 2011

Have you tried the library template:

just add the libs that you need in the LIBS = variable.


On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 19:34 -0800, "david medine" <dmedine at ucsd.edu>
> Sorry to have cluttered the list with all this nonsense, but I solved my 
> problem all by my lonesome. It is all kludge, but it works. The elegant 
> solution (I think) is to write a nice .configure script that will 
> generate exactly the right makefile regardless of os and configuration, 
> but I don't know how to do that.
> So, in the meantime one way to link libraries when building Pd externs 
> (this is for Mac, but it should be pretty much the same on any Unix 
> outfit) is like this:
> modify the file
> '/'whatever'/Pd.etc/Contents/Resources/extra/makefile'
> so that the first line reads:
> 'current: pd_darwin'
> then in the section that sets the rules and recipes for building on make 
> it looks so:
> 'pd_darwin: $(NAME).pd_darwin
> .SUFFIXES: .pd_darwin
> DARWINCFLAGS = -DPD -O2 -Wall -W -Wshadow -Wstrict-prototypes \
>      -Wno-unused -Wno-parentheses -Wno-switch
> .c.pd_darwin:
>      $(CC) -arch i386  $(DARWINCFLAGS) $(LINUXINCLUDE) -o $*.o -c $*.c
>      $(CC) -arch i386 $(LIBS) -bundle -undefined suppress -flat_namespace
>      \
>          -o $*.pd_darwin $*.o
>      rm -f $*.o'
> I took out all the '.d_ppc' and '-arch ppc' stuff that's in the makefile 
> that comes with Pd (vanilla) because I have an intel core so ppc junk is 
> irrelevant. I changed .d_fat to .pd_darwin, because somebody who 
> actually knows stuff (unlike me) told me that .pd_darwin is the current 
> convention. The variable 'LINUXINCLUDE' is simply '-I../../src' and is 
> here recycled from a previous definition in the makefile. It has nothing 
> to do with linux whatsoever. It just tells the compiler to look at the 
> Pd source code when you hit make on your external. The other big change 
> I made is inserting the 'LIBS' variable in the second build phase 
> instruction which I shall explain below. It is a simple matter to 
> implement analogous modifications in the other unix-ish portions of the 
> makefile, but I haven't tested it yet. I don't know anything about 
> Windows...
> Now that the pd makefile is ready to go, go into your extern project 
> directory and make a makefile there that looks like so:
> 'NAME=awesomeExtern
> CSYM=awesomeExtern
> include /'whatever'/Pd.etc/Contents/Resources/extra/makefile
> DARWINCFLAGS += -I/path/to/awesome-library/headers etc.
> LIBS = -L/path/to/awesome-library -lawesomelibrary etc.'
> I put 'etc.' in there because there may be more than one header file or 
> library that you want to use. You can discover what you need by putting
> 'pkg-config --cflags awesomelibraryA awesomelibraryB etc.'
> into the command line. These return values are what you want to /add/ 
> (note the '+=') to the 'DARWINCFLAGS' variable. Likewise the return of
> 'pkg-config --libs awesomelibraryA awesomelibraryB etc.'
> is what you want to be associated with the 'LIBS' variable. On Mac osx 5 
> (don't know about 6), the path is usually /opt/local/include and 
> /opt/local/lib. On Unix/Linux I believe it is typically 
> /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib where libraries get installed.
> Sorry if this is old-hat to all the C honchos out there and irrelevant 
> to everyone else (as I suspect is the case). I'm sure it is about a 
> million times easier if you use Xcode to develop your externs, but then 
> you would have to use Xcode. If this is helpful/relevant to people I'd 
> be happy to clean up this little tutorial and post it to the Pd wiki.
> Best,
> David
> On 1/20/11 4:55 PM, david medine wrote:
> >
> > OK, nuts to that. First, I must correct myself, the makefile I am 
> > referring to is in the Pd.etc.app/Contents/Resources/extra folder. (By 
> > the way, I am at home working on my Mac right now, I haven't tried 
> > this on my beastly linux box at all yet and so I am not sure what all 
> > the details of this issue are there off the top of my head.)
> >
> > Also, I went ahead and dropped the -c flag from the makefile (this 
> > flag stops linking altogether when make is run) and apparently when 
> > you do this, the extern won't build at all! I think this has something 
> > to do with the fact that in this mode, gcc needs to link with all the 
> > Pd objects also, (because terminal tells me so...) but this 
> > explanation doesn't really make sense to me.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to tweak the makefile (or any clean method, for 
> > that matter) so that one can link libraries to externals?
> > Thanks again,
> > David
> >
> > On 1/20/11 4:02 PM, david medine wrote:
> >> Dear folks,
> >> Does anybody know a good way to link libraries in a Pd extern build? 
> >> I am using plain ol' command line and makefiles. It would be nice to 
> >> be able to do this without modifying the Makefile in the 
> >> Pd.etc./Contents/Resources/ directory, but due to my general 
> >> ignorance of programming lore, I don't really know how to do this. 
> >> Any suggestions?
> >> Thanks,
> >> David Medine
> >
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