[PD] pduino test patch: "old analog/digital controls"

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Mon Jun 13 19:48:13 CEST 2011

> With the latest version, the only way I've found that actually works
> to enable analog input pins are the so-called "old" messages
> analogIns <npin> <1/0>

I was mentioning that before. I had the same problem.

There is another problem with the digital ins 1 and 2. I got myself a
workaround. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore what it was exactly. It
happened when you went from pin 1 or 2 to another one and back. The first
value came out as a "0" instead of the correct version. I think it had to do
with the fact that pins 1-8 should form a 8-bit number but 1+2 are part of
another 8-bit number or something like that.

It happens somewhere in the part of the "mapping".


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