[PD] ardino "open" message and version

Martin martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 14 18:37:01 CEST 2011

On 14/06/11 10:05 AM, Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
> Hi,
> Digging into the [arduino] abstraction I've noticed that it seems to 
> assume that [flatspace/comport] will output a "open 1" message when 
> the connection is open, but that never happens.
> There is a "pd report firmware version" connected to comport's right 
> outlet that does the following:
> [inlet]
>  |
> [route open]
>  |
> [select 1]
>  |
> [delay 2000]
>  |
> [version(
>  |
> [outlet]
> and that's sent back to [pd command processing], as if that was used 
> to ask the arduino for its version when the opening of the connection 
> is detected. However, that does never happen because the "open" 
> message never comes from comport's right outlet in the first place.
> However I do see the firmware version message on the console. So I'm 
> guessing that the arduino outputs it when it gets connected, on its 
> own initiative, without being asked. Is that right? Or is that 
> triggered from somewhere else?
> The only thing coming out from flatspace/comport's right outlet seems 
> to be a "-1" when the connection is closed.
> By the way I now see that the help patch for comport also has a [route 
> open] (among other messages) on its right outlet, so maybe it is 
> actually a bug in [comport] not outputting the open message?

Or maybe you don't have a recent [comport]. It should output a list of 
things when you send it a [info( message, one of which is 'open'.


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