[PD] pduino test patch: "old analog/digital controls"

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as i mentioned in my previous post the enabling of the analogIns was also somehow confusing for me, though now i found 
out it's all in the arduino-help.pd by Gerda Strobl and Georg Holzmann!

in the last subpatch [pd SWITCHING-INPUTS] you'll find the apropriate messages. i don't know why this is commented with 
(optional) but maybe this - also due to this thread - should be placed more prominent within the help-patch.
as mentioned by roman we're currently doing some improvements on the whole pduino dingdongs & i'll try to find a 
solution - suggestions are welcome.

i guess it's a firmata peculiarity that you've explicit have to enable the analog pins as in arduino they are enabled by 
default - but correct me if i'm wrong.


ej hans all the best for your genealogical tree extension!!

On 06/14/2011 04:51 PM, Ingo wrote:
> The exact same thing that Matteo mentioned about the old analogue method is
> happening here, too. Tested with Diecimila and Duemilanove. I was also using
> the test patch as a starting patch. My workaraound was simply to use the old
> method (after for searching for quite some time).
> I need to find the other problem with the digital Ins 1+2 giving wrong
> values will first. I will post a patch to reproduce it asap but it might
> take a couple of days to look for it. I had a workaround for it already but
> I do not know if this workaround could still be applied with other boards
> like the mega. As far as I remember it was a problem of the firmata sending
> wrong data rather than the pd patch doing something wrong.
> Ingo
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>> On 06/13/2011 09:09 PM, Roman Haefeli wrote:
>>> @Ingo and Matteo
>>> I'm also quite interested in having the [arduino] working properly. I
>>> didn't find any bugs recently, though. However, if you provide a
>>> step-by-step guide about how to reproduce a problem, I (and probably
>>> Olsen also) might be able to help,
>> Ok, the problem is that in my case I'm not sure whether I'm experiencing
>> an issue, an incorrectness in the test patch, or just my lack of
>> knowledge of how it is _expected_ to behave.
>> With both old and new versions of the StandardFirmata firmware the
>> following message enables analog input from pin A0 (i.e. pin 14):
>> "analogIns 0 1" (0 means A0 and 1 means on)
>> But in the test patch this is enclosed in a subpatch calles "old
>> analog/digital controls" so is it supposed to be obsolete?
>> The only other way I've seemed to find to enable input from analog pin
>> A0 is:
>> "pinMode 14 analog"
>> which seems to be the "suggested" way in the test patch (offered with
>> the pink grid on the upper-right part of the patch),
>> but this only works with OLD versions of StandardFirmata.
>> So it looks like either:
>> a. there is a third, current, non-obsolete, recommended way of doing
>> that which I don't know
>> b. the "suggested" way is the old one and the one documented as "old" is
>> actually the new one (but I don't think so, that's not what Chris said)
>> c. something isn't working right
>> The same happens with both Arduino 2009 (with the "StandardFirmata"
>> sketch) and with an Arduino UNO (with the
>> StandardFirmata_2_2_for_UNO_0_3). Both sketches are those that ship with
>> the latest package of the Arduino IDE for Debian sid.
>> The older StandardFirmata sketch where the "pinMode N analog" message
>> worked were taken from an older version of the arduino package for
>> Ubuntu from the official repository, but I don't remember the version
>> number.
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