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> >> What's a « technological parody » ?
> > 
> > It's where you take something like a modern digital
> computer and do DSP by using an interface modeled after 30
> year-old analog audio equipment.
> Therefore Pd is a technological parody ?
The interface (GUI) is.  Mainly in the sense of a musical parody, as if the 
influence of the analog synthesizer is there mainly to amuse the user, to 
divert him/her from the drudgery of computer music orthodoxy.

The point is the term on it's own doesn't hold a value judgment.  It'd be like 
judging Bach's Prelude in C from WTC, Book I by calling it a series of 
ascending arpeggios. Does that mean one thinks it's simplistic? Deceivingly 
simple? Boring? Elegant? Elegantly boring?

Hiding an implicit judgment inside a truism is lazy discourse.


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