[PD] [OT] technological parody was: Pd performance at TED

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You're right-- the creator's intentions don't matter here, that's beside the point.


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The Rube Goldberg machines and the fridge are great examples of parodies-- I suppose 
we can call them technological parodies if we want to be precise.  But
 for things that 
are not actually meant as parodies, it's a misnomer that just seems like an 
ideological term of derision.

Correct.  It's a kids game, I know... and it works as intended.  Yes--I am deriding it even though I probably don't have to.  

so, I guess you mean to say that a *real* parody has to be intentional?  I doubt the creators of the robotic beer fridge thought they were creating a parody--but the sheer impracticality and high-technology implementation *makes* it one.  

So, calling *anything* a "technological parody" is as you said, just an ideological term of derision.  But after all, you can create anything you want, it depends on how it's received by other people what labels they would put on it.

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