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> On Tue, Sep 06, 2011 at 09:44:33AM +0200, Frank Barknecht wrote:
>>  I'm not sure what "appears in the patch" should mean. It 
> definitly means
>>  that numercial-symbol selectors don't get shown and cannot be written
>>  into a patch, so you cannot use them in the editor where "real"
>>  selectors should be written, like in [route].
> Forgot to add: Of course it is possible and legal to "use" numerical 
> or
> non-printable symbols as selectors, but they have to be constructed
> dynamically and cannot be typed, in accordance with the restrictions
> mentioned in the manual. Instead something like this can be used:
>   [makefilename %d]
>   |
>   |                  [makefilename %d]
>   |                  |
>   [select symbol-dummy]
> I used [makefilename %d] a lot in the rj library's [m_chorddict]
> dictionary for chords, where some chord names are proper symbols, like
> "m7", while others are floats like 7. The float-names get converted to
> symbols internally to look up chord notes in a data structure array
> keyed by symbols only (using [m_symbolarray]).

At what point are you using numerical-symbol selectors?  Everything you've 
described has the selector 'symbol'.

If you mean you let the user send symbols or floats as the key and convert 
internally, that's _exactly_ what I'm proposing.

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