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> Here's an example of this idea applied to the [symbol] and [float]
> boxes.

A good object for tests of any potential changes to symbols is cyclone/comment

Its third argument is a symbol which gives the font to be used.
There are more arguments after the third one.
Therefore, you cannot currently set a font which has spaces in its name.

A few points:
* "DejaVu Sans Mono" is way easier to type than DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono
* "DejaVu Sans Mono" is way easier to read as a single argument than 
DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono
* Allowing [symbol] to automatically convert lists doesn't help this problem.


> https://github.com/pd-projects/newtype
> Also, I attached a Linux 32-bit version and a Mac OS X universal.
> .hc
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