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> Le 2011-09-28 à 20:12:00, Simon Wise a écrit :
>>  Many parts are more widely usable than the GPL allows, but you would need 
> to check the license for that part before doing so ... the only thing that the 
> distribution claims is that its contents are all compatible with GPL3.
> I just downloaded Pd 0.42.5-extended binary for Ubuntu 10.10 and clicked about 
> Pd. It says :
> « Pd is copyrighted but is free for you to use for any reasonable purpose under 
> the GNU GPL version 3 . Follow the link for more details about the license: »
> and then when clicking, it says « Parts of this package can be used under Pd’s 
> BSD license » at the top, not saying which part. Clicking on that link you get :
> « This software is copyrighted by Miller Puckette and others.  The following 
> terms (the "Standard Improved BSD License") apply to all files 
> associated with the software unless explicitly disclaimed in individual files: »

Is there a precedent for the phrase "Standard Improved BSD License" for the 
three-clause BSD?  If not, this needs to be changed to "3-clause BSD License" 
since there are at least three different licenses BSD could refer to (and 2 of them 
could be standard and improved...)

> So, it does not acknowledge of any BSD code that isn't copyrighted by 
> Miller, while not saying right away that Miller is the guy who holds the 
> copyright to the core (not counting expr~), and it's confusing people by 
> claiming GPL3 status in a way that would make people believe that the core part 
> is GPL3 too.
>>  I think a library was dropped recently because the license was too 
> restrictive for GPL3.
> Stating what the licensing goals are, is different from stating which license(s) 
> are in used, in which parts of Pd-extended.
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