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A cat?
You don't like the cats?
however, at all times cats make what they want,
as Steve Jobs...
obviously he liked what he made, no?
By staying only in the field of the independent persons like developer 
or artist.
Every day, a lot of people like what they do, I hope so.
I'm perhaps wrong, but my glance is a little bit different.
All people make things because they like to make it, but a little part 
of them don't assume, they are "pushed and oppressed" by them even, 
certainly no by what we call: the system (The market is only a part of it).
In outlines, choices are simple and do they really exist? (Choice or 
capacity of adaptation or submission?)
We integrate the "in" or the "out" (with reversibility).
In fact, there's no "off", no "underground", no "revolution", no 
"counter-revolution", no "anti...".
but there's a place for the "off", it's the place for the "pushed and 
oppressed" guys, they chose this place. But Offland is a part of the 
Inland (we mustn't forget that...).
The Outland can't have "off", can't have "underground", its revolution 
is systemic, its conformity...
In that case, who obeys? Everybody.
In what? In what we could call, the poetry of the life.
The rest is only debate of lower middle class persons fed and satisfied 
whose we form also part...

About production and creation,
when a musician for exemple play a second time, just a second time, one 
of his own opus,
can one still name the result a creation?
In France we call that diffusion, but with this spirit,
all become production, it's certainly that what they call "the cultural 
A Grand Market with private and public shops, with private and public rules,
with a off and its shops too.
The spirit, the sense, the arts?
Search well, but you will not cross them in these places.
There's no shop for dignity.
Search them in your curious free and open land.
Au plaisir

Free and open like the software I use for acting my shit music ??/

ydegoyon at gmail.com a écrit :
> Chris McCormick wrote:
>> On 01/05/2012 01:04 PM, ydegoyon at gmail.com wrote:
>>> Chris McCormick wrote:
>>>> On 01/04/2012 03:36 PM, ydegoyon at gmail.com wrote:
>>>>> productivity? that's what we should hate...
>>>> fuck yes!
>>>> "i define success as not working, and i live like a king." (nofx)
>>> hey chris, i'm droiding party, i see it as the major kewl thing in pd
>>> these past years sooo great .... keep the good work ...
>> Hi Yves,
>> I'm glad you are enjoying the port of Pd.
>> Thank you very much for CC'ing the list with my private message and 
>> outing me as a closet capitalism-hating punk.
>> http://mccormick.cx/gfx/cas405-180bpm.gif
>> Cheers,
>> Chris.
> bah you know it's no secret
> and an honour for you,
> but if i missed the point,
> are they any capitalist-loving people on this list ?
> hum ok maybe...
> i'd like to think people make things because
> they like to do it, not because they are pushed and oppressed
> by market needs that's what we meant no?
> production just means obey,
> creating is following your own ideas,
> and maybe you'll get wrong like Steve Jobs ...
> oh he must be a cat now anyway...
> salut!
> sevy
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