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> Le 2012-02-10 à 20:09:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>  For me the create-delete method uses more CPU but both are pretty 
> intensive. Any Qt devs out there?  Or gtk'ers?  Maybe a JUCEr?  Would those 
> toolkits be able to utilize the GPU?  Those would be nice to compare, too.
> In the end, switching toolkits wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's not the 
> only solution. Some things inside of tk could be improved. Modifying tk can be 
> scary, more so if we have to think seriously about bundling alpha versions of tk 
> 8.7 together with pd-extended, but the alternative is to rewrite large amounts 
> of code (everything using sys_gui or implicitly referring to Tcl), which is 
> error-prone, hard to test, and too many changes in one chunk.
> So, it's not very clear to me which one is best.
> I had tried making some changes to Tk 8.5, and it seemed somewhat promising. I 
> was getting large speedups for some cases, and large slowdowns for some other 
> cases. With more work, the latter could have been eliminated. It would benefit 
> most other uses of Tk Canvas in other apps as well, so it could be integrated to 
> Tk itself.

Do you still have any of those changes you made to Tk?  If so, how do they compare 
to unpatched Tk when running Hans' array-demo?


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