[PD] C++ for reusable dsp lib - or better use C?

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Wed Feb 22 22:51:11 CET 2012

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> Le 2012-02-22 à 09:05:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>> That's great news.
>> Would you mind giving me the link to the stable, actively maintained 
> library that makes Qt available for Tcl?  I look forward to testing it out.
> I'm not responsible for every project or category of projects that I 
> mention, so I can't guarantee you that any of those wrappers are well-made 
> or worth using.
> Tcl may be one of the lesser languages for Qt. The intersection of Tcl and Qt 
> users is somewhat small, but even so, there are multiple projects about the same 
> thing.
> First look at http://wiki.tcl.tk/2181
> Skip over TclQt, it's a windows binary thing that doesn't come with 
> source (even though it's on SF.net) and it's very old. There's 
> another one named Tq that is supposedly better but it's commercial and 
> probably abandoned.
> Look at Qtcl. The source is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtcl/ and I could 
> get it to compile after I installed qmake and libqt4-dev. I didn't try it.

It looks old and unmaintained, and I doubt it supports the newest version of 
Qt which has introduced the graphics view stuff plus probably a lot of other changes.  
But I will give it a shot.

> If Qtcl works well, it could be a possible path for speeding up the GUI, by 
> replacing Tk entirely, but keeping Tcl (which is easier than changing everything 
> at once). But there are other paths (the ones I suggested recently).

The only other path I remember is patching Tk to make it more efficient, but you still wouldn't 
get zooming with that.

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