[PD] some observations and questions on Pd-ext 0.43.1 beta

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(sorry to quote but this will keep the conversation on the list..)


Thanks Ivica, it makes sense to try this out. 

I should have thought about it yesterday.

The student and her machine are gone now, but I'll write her and ask to try this out.


I still wish to know if anybody is experiencing something similar to better understand the issue.

Can't try on my machine 'cause I've got 10.04 and don't wanna change it or alter it by now.


This is the exact version of Ubuntu we use in L2Ork (FWIW). On my testing machine I also use 11.10 so I can confirm that pd-l2ork runs on both just fine as long as you have supporting libs (identical to pd-extended). Pd-l2ork also installs in a separate folder from pd-extended/pd so there should be no problems. The only thing you may need to check is /usr/local/lib/pd-l2ork/defaults.pdl2ork (or whatever its name is) and make sure to exclude /usr/local/lib/pd folder in case you use that for other versions of pd as you don't want to mix externals from the two versions (it will cause crashes).


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