[PD] sending band/float/symbol via network to pd-vanilla

Sebastian Dorda hagish at schattenkind.net
Thu Jun 28 18:19:21 CEST 2012


we try to integrate pd into a mobile game and plan to send data via

int libpd_bang(const char *destination)
int libpd_float(const char *destination, float value)
int libpd_symbol(const char *destination, const char *symbol)

Running libpd on the mobile and feeding data into it via these methods
works great.
For debugging purpose we want to be able to run a debug version of the
game and a pd instance on a pc to see whats going on inside pd.

Is it possible to trigger these methods using pd-vanilla via network?
Like a "more global" netreceive.

If not I thought about extending pd-vanilla and add a simple socket server
too  feed data into pd similar to the embedded version (libpd_bang...)



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