[PD] Options for Pd on Raspberry Pi (was: Textual pd primer)

Duncan Speakman duncan.kleindesign at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 18:33:36 CEST 2012

>> You need to have
>> installed Xcode on your mac,]
> why would you need that?

do you know i cannot actually remember!
for some reason when we were first setting this stuff up x11 wouldn't
open the gui properly, but we installed xcode and then it did.

>> 2. (this is the really weird one) The expr object doesn't work if we
>> launch Pd on startup ( init.d ) with nogui, BUT if we run it with
>> -nogui in a command line over SSH it does.
> on the RPi or Gumstix? As James pointed out, it may be a permission problem,
> or maybe an environment problem.

still unexplained. we're logging in as root via ssh as well.

> Audio is different on the RPi. HDMI is fine, analogue is a pain.
> As Pierre pointed out recently it's just a simple filtered PWM output, just good enough to recognise the signal.

is there an HDMI audio input too? that would make the Pi quite
appealing for what we're doing
> I'd be very interested to get a simple USB Audio-dongle working, since there's also no audio input available,
> this could solve some issues (and potentially raise others).

we used the Griffin iMic really successfully (and you get pretty clean
audio) although the extra board just made the unit too cumbersome for
our needs.


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