[PD] Creating a line in Gem

Alexandros Drymonitis adrcki at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 12:46:03 CET 2012

Hi all,
I've been trying to render a line in Gem, so I'm wondering if it's best to
use [curve] (which is actually a curve as it indicates), or [rectangle]
with a very small x value, so that it looks like a line.
My problem is that I want to give this line an angle, so I've been using
[shearXY] for now. I also want to make the line grow from nothing to the
full desired length, but with [rectangle] it will grow from the middle, so
in order to make it grow from the starting point to the ending point, you
have to give [rectangle] a continuous x,y offset.
This way it's really hard to determine the starting and ending point of the
line. So, If for example the x,y coordinates of the starting and ending
point are random, then the angle and length will also be random and you'll
have to manipulate three different objects simultaneously ([rectangle],
[translate] and [shearXY]), and I'm not sure if I can find the formula for
all these calculations.
Is there an easier technique for this?
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