[PD] Changing the defaul language in 0.43

rene beekman r at raakvlak.net
Fri Feb 15 07:03:26 CET 2013

How do I set / change the default language on both Windoze and Mac for 0.43
I don't have a Windoze machine myself, so can't test there, but the readme
for the Mac version does not say anything about it. There also seems to be
no setting in the preference file for this (or at least none that I could

I searched the list-archives and the "best" instruction I found was to
delete all .msg files inside /po, which seems a bit crude to me.
Is there a more elegant way to do this?

I understand from an older discussion that the assumption was that
"non-technical" people were assumed to want to use Pd in their native
language. I did installs this week on about a dozen machines
and apparently they all belonged to "non-technical" people, even though
every single one of them runs all software on their machine in English
only... Wouldn't it be wiser to assume that whatever the language is that
the OS is running in, is also the language that people really want to use
their software in?
Just my two cents.
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