[PD] [PD-announce] Concordia Laptop Orchestra + UCSD&UCI's Transcenders + Edinburgh's Mustek @ the Birmingham Network Music Festival

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Fri Feb 22 06:07:59 CET 2013

Dear Friends

Concordia Laptop Orchestra will perform this Saturday morning (sometime between 11:00 AM to 12 PM EST) at the Birmingham Network Music Festival with two acoustic ensembles in three locations: The Transcenders @ UC San Diego and Irvine and Mustek @ Edinburgh (29 performers in total).

You are invited to experience the performance in one of the following options:

1. in 8 channels at Concordia Music Department (John Molson building, 1450 Guy Street, 8th floor, room 245, Montreal)
2. in 4 channels at the Birmingham Network Music Festival (The Edge, 79-81 Cheapside Digbeth, Birmingham, UK B12 0QH)
3. Online (audio) at  http://mixlr.com/eldad-tsabary

The telematic ensemble will perform the piece Small World Network (2013), created for this event 
See program notes here: http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme-2/performances/clork/

A performance by a telematic mixed ensemble (29 players) including Concordia Laptop Orchestra @ the Birmingham Network Music Festival

Sat, March 23rd 11:18 (approximate time… )
The concert begins at 10 AM EST (7 AM PST, 3 PM GMT)

Montreal, San Diego, Irvine, Edinburgh, Birmingham,  online


Můstek	@ Edinburgh, Scotland
Lauren Sarah Hayes	piano
Christos Michalakos	drums

The Transcenders	@ UC San Diego
Elisabet Curbelo	soprano/piano
Marcelo F. Lazcano	guitar
Joshua Charney	piano
Mark Dresser	Bass
Jon Forshee	Guitar
Judith Hamann	Cello
Michael Ricca	Audio
Yeung-ping CHEN	Network

	@ UC Irvine
Jared Mattson	Guitar
Jonathan Mattson	Drums
Martim Galvão	Percussion
Juan David Rubio	Percussion
Shih-wei Wu	Bassoon

CLOrk	@ Montreal QC
Perry Pilloy	Laptop
Simon White	Laptop
Marco Liy	Laptop
Frankie Fiore	Laptop
Keith Odell	Laptop
Byron Edelmann	Laptop
Alexis Dionne	Laptop
Chris Gorman	Laptop
David Fiorentino	Laptop
Charles Bale	Laptop
Michael Palumbo	Laptop
Evan Stepanian	Laptop
Joe Brown	Laptop
Reg Kachanoski	laptop
Eldad Tsabary	Director / conductor

Email me for more details

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