[PD] l2ork externals install

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Jun 21 02:25:19 CEST 2013

On 06/20/2013 08:20 PM, András Murányi wrote:
> I used tar_em_up.sh -F (then untar and make install)
> which produced the following in /usr/local/lib/pd-l2ork (I've removed 
> the manually built ones from the list):
> adaptive                   expr~ parazit-help.pd
> array2list.pd              expr~.pd_linux    parazit.pd
> arrayreset.pd              expr.pd_linux patch_name-help.pd
> arraysize                  ext13 patch_name.pd_linux
> bassemu~                   fexpr~.pd_linux   pd~
> boids                      fiddle~           pd-wavelet
> bonk~                                        pique
> bsaylor                    Gem               pixeltango
> choice                     hilbert~-help.pd  purepd
> complex-mod~-help.pd       hilbert~.pd       README.txt
> complex-mod~.pd            jmmmp             rev1-final.pd
> comport                    K12               rev1~-help.pd
> controctopus               la-kitchen        rev1~.pd
> creb                                         rev1-stage.pd
> cxc                        list-abs          rev2~-help.pd
> cyclone                    loop~             rev2~.pd
> disis_netreceive-help.pd   lrshift~          rev3~-help.pd
> disis_netreceive.pd_linux  Makefile.am       rev3~.pd
> disis_netsend-help.pd      makefile.subdir   rradical
> disis_netsend.pd_linux     memento           rtc
> disis_phasor~-help.pd      memento-p         sfruit
> disis_phasor~.pd_linux                       sigmund~
> disis_wiimote-help.pd spectdelay~-help.pd
> disis_wiimote.pd_linux     nsend spectdelay~.pd_linux
> earplug~                   output~-help.pd   stdout
> ekext                      output~.pd        timestretch
> The dev libs were installed according to the l2ork web page, and none 
> of them were unavailable.
> As for the build log, is there one? Or you meant the console output?
Sorry, I meant console output redirect. I haven't tried -F in a while 
since it is pretty much all but deprecated (particularly since now 
pd-l2ork only conflicts with one optional pd-extended package). Perhaps 
there is something in -F build format that fails when -B doesn't. It is 
unlikely but nonetheless possible. Can you try -B (deb)?

Also, please send me build log off-list with -F so that I can 
investigate further.


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