[PD] Extended View toolkit : issue with masks

Peter Venus news at petervenus.de
Sat Oct 12 09:43:39 CEST 2013

Hello Etienne!

The problem you are facing could be really due to the different structure of both modules.
And the amount of ev_pro-modules you are using in your patch.
If you want me to have a quick look on your patch, maybe answer me and attach the your patch to the mail.
maybe i can help you with streamlining it further :)

cheers, peter 

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I found the same behavior, Marian and Peter wrote some amazing software there but you have to have a really fast graphics card for some of the fancier modules. Go with the one that delivers for you. 22 is really nice as I recall. I'll check my rates today and report back too

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On Oct 10, 2013, at 8:38 AM, "Etienne Landon" <landon.etienne at gmail.com> wrote:

I understand the shader part of ev_pro_22 but I 'm not shure the problem is here, the shader is only used to change texture coordinates and do soft-edging. In both cases, ev_pro_22 or ev_pro_22easy, I send a texture ID. So the chain with ev_pro_22 is not the one that does the work from movie to texture (the CPU part), it's done once by another chain. 
For what I understand, using the same texture ID for different gem chains avoids using the CPU for each chain, you use CPU only to "transform your image, movie or whatever to a texture (which is stored in the GPU memory), then each chain links to the texture ID which is the position of the texture in the graphic card's memory. Am I wrong ?
For instance, in the same work I do texturing on 200 pmpd masses linked to a gem chain. So 200 independant rendering chains, one texture, and this works without a problem. And there's no shader involved
Moreover, the texture used for masking is a only one black pixel (see the masking example), so how come this could be so heavy ?
2013/10/10 Santi <belfegor at gmail.com[belfegor at gmail.com]>El jue, 10-10-2013 a las 11:52 +0200, Etienne Landon escribió:

> Is there any reason why ev_pro_22easy is less efficient than
> ev_pro_22 ?
 I think ev_pro__22 uses OpenGl shaders so it uses the GPU in the graphic
card. ev_pro_22easy uses the main CPU to made the work, so is less
efficient, but it works in older machines.

Great piece of software the extended toolkit view...


Santi Noreña.

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