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Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 20:22:10 CET 2014

a PD newbie perspective...

i'm personally in agreement with Dan that these should be in Vanilla, and
probably in Extended too. i do agree the functioning should be the same as
the current GUI works, for consistency. based on my experience with a few
of the extra GUI objects in pd-extended, i have to say Pierre's looks
better for me. just my opinion and no offense implied for the other GUI
contributors, but some of these older GUI objects cause crashes on a Mac
when i tried to use/load them.

i think Dan's observation on Vanilla is important because of more folks
using libpd. as much as i like pd-extended for standalone development,
using it to develop iOS apps just opens you up to licensing heck for all
the pd-extended externals. but i also realize basing Pierre's library on
LGPL may not work either because of that licenses issues with the App
Store, which i believe are still unresolved. of course Android/Google Play
is no issue, and maybe they'll fix the latency problems they've been having
up until now, but just thought i'd add these thoughts into the mix.

best to all for 2014,


On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 5:09 AM, Pierre Guillot <guillotpierre6 at gmail.com>wrote:

> For Chocolate : I made this library because I wanted to have other
> behaviors than those available in Vanilla or Extented, I think that design
> and ergonomics are really important and can change your approach (I'm not a
> specialist, but that seems obvious). Nevertheless, I understand that people
> prefer to use the native objects, my propositions are totally subjective
> and I think that a big part come from my experience with Max. Another
> reason of this work is that I have another project and I need some specific
> methods in the objects. I hope that you'll find this library more
> interesting when I'll be able to present this work.
> For Coffee : I work with Pd Vanilla 0.45 so I don't really use extented
> and it was really fast and easy to code them so I did it... Except
> "prepend", I don't know where are this objects in Extented (I'll be glad to
> know it) and if we put the libraries in the extented distribution, we can
> remove my objects (it doesn't matter).
> The names came from a stupid joke with a friend where Vanilla became
> Chocolate and Extented became Enhanced, nothing is really serious  (don't
> worry, I do not claim to replace Vanilla or Extended). When I realized that
> perhaps others than me could be interested to use the library, I wanted to
> change the name to avoid mistake but it's really boring to do.
> 2014/1/2 IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>
>> On 2013-12-31 11:46, Pierre Guillot wrote:
>> > Quickly : Chocolate is a set of GUIs sometimes already available in PD
>> > Vanilla, PD extented or Max with new features (like presets edition)
>> that I
>> > hope, you'll enjoy.
>> as said before: they are great.
>> > And it will be a part of a more complex project for the
>> > writting of events. Coffee is a set of objects to facilitate the patch
>> > creation.
>> but i'm not so sure about these: i think each and every of these objects
>> already exists in another library (often in the context of a more
>> complete set of similar objects), so i don't fully see the point of them.
>> >
>> > Download : https://github.com/pierreguillot/PdEnhanced/releases
>> and i would suggest to use another name instead of "PdEnhanced".
>> the name suggests that it is a flavour (and the use of "chocolate" and
>> "coffee" support this)  of Pd itself (like Pd-extended or Pd-l2ork) but
>> your set of libraries really is just another set of libraries... there
>> about 100 libraries in the puredata SVN repository at sourceforge.
>> i guess it would be quite confusing if all of these libraries would be
>> called "PdEnhanced".
>> don't let this discourage you though :-)
>> keep up providing new fancy objects.
>> gfmards
>> IOhannes
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