[PD] Pd on high resolution displays

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 23:55:10 CET 2014


Recently, a few models of so called ultrabooks with comparatively high
display resolution (up to 3200x1800px) are available, even with
affordable prices. While the specs sound teasing, I wonder how Pd is
going to behave on those. I'm especially interested in the situation on

This might be rather a Tk question, but it is possible to scale all Pd
graphics evenly, so that the appearance will still be comfortable and
all menu and patch fonts will readable? Setting the font size in patches
won't really help as this scales only the boxes and there content, but
not the menus, the iemguis and also not the distance between boxes.

Is someone with a hi-res display stuck with lowering the resolution when
the goal is to do some patching?


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