[PD] comments with trailing | ?

Peter P. p8rpp at aol.com
Sat Jan 25 00:07:23 CET 2014

* Miller Puckette <msp at ucsd.edu> [2014-01-24 23:36]:
> Delete these lines in g_text.c:
>         /* for comments, just draw a bar on RHS if unlocked; when a visible
>         canvas is unlocked we have to call this anew on all comments, and when
>         locked we erase them all via the annoying "commentbar" tag. */
>     else if (x->te_type == T_TEXT && glist->gl_edit)
>     {
>         if (firsttime)
>             sys_vgui(".x%lx.c create line\
>  %d %d %d %d -tags [list %sR commentbar]\n",
>                 glist_getcanvas(glist),
>                 x2, y1,  x2, y2, tag);
>         else
>             sys_vgui(".x%lx.c coords %sR %d %d %d %d\n",
>                 glist_getcanvas(glist), tag, x2, y1,  x2, y2);
>     }
> (however, that won't disable the functionality; just the ugly marks.)
nice hack, thanks it sure makes me wonder less if I left any unwanted
characters in my comments. :)
> I'm still trying to think of something less ugly - tell me if you have any
> ideas...

I faintly remember a problem with the comments in Tcl/Tk not really
honouring line feeds correctly (or Return character), right? I mean if
the line feeds were working and would show up identically after saving
and loading the file from disk, then there would be no need to resize
comments at all. Would this issue still be a problem in current Pd?

Resizability sure makes sense with objects where one would need to see
different outlets more easily. 

Thanks! best, Peter

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