[PD] Fwd: Fwd: sox > fifo > readsf~ not working

Simon Wise via Pd-list pd-list at lists.iem.at
Fri Jun 20 05:31:45 CEST 2014

On 20/06/14 03:55, Ali Momeni via Pd-list wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks @cyrille, found the answer to my arguments for open question in the
> help file as you said.
> @ben: first, hi!
> second, i'm a ware of a number of 3rd party externals for pd that are
> supposed to do streaming in, like mp3amp~ and ogg~ and readanysf~
> but none of them are really working in pd-vanilla on rpi for me.  some
> crash right away, and others never get a stream.
> sox on the other hand is working beautifully and is rather robust, and the
> fifo solution for getting audio into pd seems critical/awesome enough that
> i'm keen on figuring it out.  i see that sox is getting the stream (i have
> tested it by sending it to pifm and its there), but i'm just hung up on the
> header format of the file.  pd doesn't like it.
> i'm wondering if there are details in 'mkfifa' that make it better for pd
> reading
> i'll report back if i discover something...

just a guess ... can you try opening pd first then sending the stream (possibly 
with the header mentioned)?

I think 'mkfifa' is probably a typo.


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