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Hello again list,

	What do y'all think of the idea of releasing Pd-extended both as a "core" pd with no libraries added except maybe the libdir and hex loaders and as a version with multiple libraries (2 release stages)? Perhaps it's been discussed. the thing I enjoy about Extended is the features it adds to pd-vanilla, and this way people can just keep the same libraries installed in the same places and switch between vanilla and extended easier. In my experience I never need/want to use most of the arbitrary libraries included and/or loaded on startup and could easily download and install the ones I do want. I also see the appeal/logic of using a standardized set of libs though.

seems like a reasonable way to develop it too... everyone focusing on the core and then working on their own libs for a bundled release.

Also about import/saving libraries to load on startup: wouldn't it make more sense if either the list were editable or there were no list? Strange that users get this arbitrary list to load on startup, (not even all the libs included in PdX) without being able to edit it, a set of libs that they never have to [import], but then they're expected to [import] everything else unless they manually edit the preferences file (quite confusing for most users)?

Btw I also have a bit of time and know a little bit of c and tcl, i'd be glad to pitch in where i can when there is a concrete plan (list of to-do's) of how to move forward with Pd-extended.

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