[PD] Cyclone suite initiative

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 01:05:12 CET 2014

On 06/12/14 20:53, Fred Jan Kraan wrote:

> The other main distribution tool is rpm. It might be interesting to know
> how much of the "Linux-market" uses either deb or rpm.

perhaps more interesting ... how much of the multimedia producer and pd 
developer community uses linux which is neither deb based nor source based like 
gentoo, and also isn't a multimedia distribution which includes pd packages. My 
guess would be that a lot of the remainder would be using fedora in the context 
of an institution, have IT support and a standard institution wide install.

Alien will translate to rpm format if you wish, and of course the debian 
repository has complete sources and build systems for the packages and all their 
dependencies (and better than daily builds alongside the dependencies, on many 
hardware and kernel combinations). Alien translates both ways. there is a debian 
package available, and it seems available for rpm based systems also .. see 

> For Windows and OSX, there is no ready made solution yet. But other
> software packages have a cross-platform package distribution system; the
> examples I know are perl (ActiveState) and cygwin. But is probably not
> trival to build or adapt something for Pd.

a packaging system is a long long way from easy, somethinng that does what 
debian does is a truly vast undertaking ... unless within the context of some 
bigger packaging system then your only choice is source distribution, with 
pre-built binaries with the most generic options for the most common platforms 
... which is what pd has available now. Keeping all the external libraries built 
is a huge task, l2ork picks a most common and useful set, and distributes them 
directly ... but they are linux users and only have resources for doing so for 
linux (they have said they would welcome any efforts from the other user 
communities to build for their platforms), pd-extended is a valiant attempt to 
cater for more, it is a huge and cumbersome system because of that ... while 
there is a lot of interest in downloading binaries for Windows and OSX there is 
generally almost no interest from those communities in actually doing the work 
to prepare and make available those binaries.


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