[PD] FUDI between pd and xwindows client

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 05:17:48 CEST 2015

>if you are looking for a mandelbox interface there is mandelbulb
hey patrice, I use mandelbulber sometimes.
It's actually where I  checked to see if I had
the coding right when I added it to my renderer

this is my old3d  fractal renderer that uses SDL

the version with the mandelbox is here
xlib only

it's different than other fractal renderer's , it fills up a 3d cube
with transparent voxels so you you can see though the thing while
colorcycling in real time. Other renderers use raymarching so you end up
with a static view.  You can move the 3dfractal around in realtime
while it's colorcycling with my renderer.

writing xlib applications sounds a bit like you missed the last 20 years).
> It still works great as far as i can comprehend so does opengl for the
past 20
years I hadnt messed with my 3d fractal  in about 10 years was waiting on
computers to get faster and someone to find a nice 3d mandelbrot.
Allthough all my attempts made somewhat nice looking mandelbrot like
fractal caves , the math was not correct.
Anyways my code compiled just great it used SDL's OGL stuff.
I didnt want to be depending on SDL so I rewrote it to use xlib only.
Thanks for the info. So if I use a separate socket , it will not interfere
with the XServer. I thought there might be someway X could handle
the socket.  What about using pdreceive and pipeing or redirecting the
output to my app?
I'm not sure how to handle the input from the programming side.
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