[PD] Needing to build an Android/iOS application.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 14:09:53 CET 2015

Hi, there. I would appreciate so much your help for me to decide if I 
will accept a job and how to go on with it.

I have a customer who needs an Android/iOS app that they will give to 
his customer who buys them a "device" (this customer of mine is not a 
multimillonaire company. It's far away from being like that)

The app would be something like the mockup.png attached and will do 
something like this:

First instance:

- It opens a wav/mp3 (max: 1 hour).
- You will see the soundwave and will can make zoom in/out to be precise 
(if with gestures, much better).
- You will can play/pause/stop the audio from any place in the timeline.
- You set up to 256 markers/labels in the timeline.
- When you click/tap a marker/label, a new window appears to modify its 
information (time/color/type/etc).
- It will convert each mark to a 6 bytes group.
- It save/load files with all this markers (in binary).
- It will send this file, by Bluetooth through the serial port, to the 

Second instance:

- The app will start playing the wav/mp3 file.
- It will send (by Bluetooth) the "start" command to the device.
- (The device starts its timer and already has the sequence file).
- For a perfect syncrhonizing, every second, the app will send the 
actual time (by Bluetooth).

I have several options to do this. I ask you if they are possibles and 
how difficult are they... and the final decision owns to the customer. 
My skills are: I know PureData and Python. So:

      Using MobMuPlat (http://mobmuplat.com/)

I know it is not a framework. I would make a PureData patch and the 
MobMuPlat interface. My customer would tell their customers to download 
MobMuPlat (Android: 
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ar/app/mobmuplat/id597679399?mt=8) and 
give them the file that I build.

- It's the easiest-way.
- MobMuPlat is already in Google Market and iTunes.

- It is not a standalone app, as they would like.

Doubt (*and it's important*):
- Could libpd send messages to serial port? There's [comport], but it is 
an external. Is it already compiled for Android/iOS?

      Using Kivy (http://kivy.org)

This is a more difficult option. It uses Python to make the app. And 
there's Kivy/audiostream (https://github.com/kivy/audiostream) that 
gives the phone a access to the speaker and mic. In its example/ folder, 
there are puredata examples. Obviously, using libpd.

- I would also make the patch in PureData.
- It would make a standalone app (with own name, splash screen, etc).
- It would works in Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OSX.

- I've never used Kivy.
- I've never used any framework.
- I've never used libpd.
- I should build almost from scratch an application.
- I should compile for most Android and iOS versions...
- The difficulty of uploading an app to Google Market and iTunes.

      Using OpenFrameWorks (http://openframeworks.cc/)

Well... I don't know coding C++. I know that this would be the best 
framework to do something like this... but it's furthest away from me. 
There's ofxPd (https://github.com/danomatika/ofxPd).

      Using PdDroidParty and PdParty

Now, I'm seeing their webpages/githubs. I didn't think in this 
possibility... Could it become one more?

- Another easiest way.
- It could compile a standalone app (???)

- As other frameworks: What about compiling for most Android and iOS 
- Uploading to markets...?


    Thank you very much!

Mario Mey.

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