[PD] configuring multiple readanysf~ objects for efficient playback

Samuel Burt composer.samuel.burt at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 17:16:29 CET 2016

Dear list,

I was tasked with building a sampler that reads back all the samples in a
directory, sequentially or randomly, with variable speed, polyphonic
playback. The subsequent object is then implemented multiple times.

After a short amount of time, however, the GUI becomes unresponsive. I can
still manipulate the values of the GUI objects, but I won't see them
update. In addition, the Pd window Log 0 and above starts throwing (Tcl)
INVALID COMMAND NAME errors as you can see below. I'm guessing this is has
to do with not being able to read from the SSD quickly enough with around
100 overlapping voices being loaded in a short amount of time? I'm not
really hearing any audio dropouts.

I noticed that readanysf~ has some arguments. I'm hoping they might make
this process more efficient, but I don't understand them. Does anyone know
of any better documentation for readanysf~? The arguments are 1) number of
channels (mono, stereo, 3-chan, 4-chan, etc.), 2) number of "frames" in the
internal buffer --I don't understand how this effects the object--, and 3)
number of samples per frame in internal buffer --nor do I understand how
this might affect performance. I'm going to play around with these
arguments to see if it helps, but if anyone can weigh in with an
explanation, I'd appreciate it.

Also, if anyone has a more efficient method for doing what I'm attempting,
please, let me know.

Thank you,
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