[PD] cross platforms issues with displaying fonts in vanilla but not in Purr Data

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 17:45:29 CET 2017

> As for comparisons, here’s the same patch using Deja Vu Sans Mono and Monaco, both with Tk 8.4 & with Tk 8.6 Retina HiDPI rendering: https://flic.kr/p/QLGphN (zoom in or download & view at full size)

> Jonathan: One of the remaining problems I have with the Tk 8.6 build is the padding added to the object box width in HiDPI. Any clues on what to look into to fix this? The object arguments are clearly the same width… or appear to be.
Pd Vanilla has a different font-sizing/box-sizing algorithm than the one 
I described.  Instead of fitting font sizes to a spec, it amends the spec to 
accommodate the actual font sizes.

Look at the Tk 8.6 DejuVu Sans Mono bold retina text, for example.  Even if 
you had no padding, the text "tabread~ 29-envelope" is actually wider than 
the box that contains that text in all the other examples.
Probably Vanilla works that way because of the limitation of integer-based 
font sizing in Tk.  Even though the text in that example is wider than the others, 
it still appears to my eye to be roughly similar size.  If instead you kept the box 
width constant and chose the next smallest integer to fit that text, the whole 
patch would appear to contain smaller text than other examples.
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