[PD] Issues with Gem 0.39-3 on OS X via Deken in Pd

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 12:34:13 CEST 2017


afair Dan started an AVFoundation plugin a while ago, but it was only for
movie decoding.
and as I noted on the Github issue tracker, for video grabbing (aka
pix_video) libuvc could be a good challenger.
At least libuvc is the only library I know on OSX with which you have
almost full control over camera parameter (like the so common "auto
exposition" which sucks when doing video processing).
Some are  using it just to control camera parameter in parallel with
AVFoundation for frame grabbing but this doesn't make much sense to me
since if the camera is available though libuvc then it's easier to grab
frame with libuvc directly.
One caveat is that libuvc works only with USB Video Compliant device which
tends to be common nowadays, but not all video devices are supported.
An AVFoundation based plugin for video grabbing could also be done with
limited camera control.
And I don't know if Apple planned support for more camera feature soon.
Moreover libuvc is cross-platform, so a video_uvc plugin will work on all
platforms (though it's already supported on Linux through libv4l2).

I think I can do something for 2k€ by the end of the year (lots of things
on my TODO list right now) at least the libuvc version.

And since you're talking about cross-platform Gem, don't forget a lot of
people are still using Windows.
Having Gem working on OSX and Linux won't make them switch their OS I think
(even if it was my first reason to say goob bye to Windows a while ago :-)
) so having Gem on Windows will be great.

Also I do think that it will be nice to have a working package distributed
via Deken, even if I know Iohannes doesn't like it so much because of the
platform specificities.
It will be much easier for people to use it if it works well out-of-the-box
at least on mainstream distribution (Windows / Macos / Debian).
We could use online continuous integration service (aka travis and
appveyor) to help us on that.

Hope that's clear enough.



do it yourself

2017-09-29 11:52 GMT+02:00 cyrille henry <ch at chnry.net>:

> hello,
> I don't use OSX, but having Gem not being cross platform is a problem.
> so I think "get money, pay a coder." should be considered.
> Since we are many being upset by the current Gem situation, I hope that a
> subscription should gather a decent amount of money.
> Dan, Antoine, or anyone else : How long do you think it would need to get
> pix_video, pix_film (and all other object that are currently not working on
> osX), and to get a Gem binary for osX 32 and 64 bits?
> and how much money would you need to add this work on your TODO list?
> cheers
> Cyrille
> Le 29/09/2017 à 08:34, IOhannes m zmölnig a écrit :
>> On 09/29/2017 04:10 AM, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
>>> do you mean all Gem features won't work?
>> no.
>> Like whatever depends on QuickTime?
>> yes of course, since there is no QuickTime on OSX/64bit
>>> Further and definitive question is: is there anything one can do to make
>>> Gem fully available for 64bits
>> sure.
>> get money, pay a coder.
>> gfamdsr
>> IOhannes
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