[PD] [PD-announce] else 1.0 beta 5 released

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 14:25:15 CET 2017

yeah, that was intentionally removed, but the help file wasn't updated. Now
it has though.

If you want to create an impulse from a bang, use now [impseq~]

Generating impulses from bangs is something you can find in other
externals, like [ciclone/click~], so I didn't want to make one object just
for that and have it as one of the features of a more complex object. In
this case, it's an "impulse sequencer".

Now, as for trigger~, sorry, but it's going away in the next release. I'm
still in this experimental phase, designing many objects, and sometimes I
find redundancy. So I had a [togedge~] and [trigger~] object but was
designing a third one named [past~], which ended up encompassing
functionalities found in both of these other two objects, and I also hated
the names of the former two objects, so they're both being deprecated and

This is mostly why I'm keeping the project at a beta stage, cause I'm still
not sure about the design of these tools, they're all pretty new. Once I'm
sure I have it right (even though I might regret it in the future) I'll
call it a final version and make the commitment that whatever I have there
will be there forever.

so take precaution (I'm actually warning this pretty clearly in every


2017-11-04 3:55 GMT-02:00 school shoes <schoolshoes at outlook.com>:

> thanks for this it's a great library.
> I've noticed what I think is a bug in the latest release. It says in the
> help file for trigger~ that a bang will send an impulse but I get :
> trigger~:no method for 'bang' ". However sending a bang seems to work as
> expected in older releases of else. Tried on macos10.12 and ubuntu studio
> 16.04 . cheers
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> I did 4 updates this month because of a course I'm teaching, which ends
> now, so I'm gonna drop this for a while, sorry for polluting with so many
> updates. Anyway, it's up on deken already, and here are some details:
> https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases
> cheers
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