[PD] problems testing MIDI clock input

Nicola Pandini nicola.pandini at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 11:30:31 CET 2017

> I remember some time ago complaining about the jitter in Pd's output timing
> and someone, maybe Miller, indicated a change I could do to the source to
> improve the timing, I'm guessing it wasn't something that ever got merged
> into the source. I forget what it was though.

Hi, you can reduce the jitter editing s_midi.c, changing:

> if (midi_outqueue[midi_outtail].q_time <= midirealtime)

> if (1)


> if (midi_inqueue[midi_intail].q_time <= logicaltime)

> if (1)

it works for midi note and ctl, so I think it will works even with MTC

Nicola Pandini

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