[PD] bigger inlet/outlet size in 0.48.1 ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Mar 15 18:05:39 CET 2018

Antoine Rousseau wrote:
> moreover, I think Dan took inlet/outlet's height back from pd-extended's 
> one, allowing (in a possible future) to draw control/signal differently, 
> as it was on pd-extended: "empty" signal inlet/outlet.

yeah, definitely looks very "extended-ish"

even if "uniform rendering across systems" is definitely a worthy goal,
are the bigger inlets really unavoidable ?

no chance to at least hack a personal version of a tcl file to make them 
thin again ?

i for one like the slimmer inlets waaaaay better.

(in fact the fat ones where a reason i intuitively rejected pdx/purrdata 
and stayed with vanilla. i just didn't like the bloated look. but here 
we are ...)

cheers anyway


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