[PD] bigger inlet/outlet size in 0.48.1 ...

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 00:10:30 CET 2018

oliver <oliver at klingt.org> writes:

> even if "uniform rendering across systems" is definitely a worthy goal,
> are the bigger inlets really unavoidable ?
> no chance to at least hack a personal version of a tcl file to make
> them thin again ?
> i for one like the slimmer inlets waaaaay better.

I suppose I'm in the minority in the proceedings of this
thread,... but I actually like the thick inlets/outlets =) I've never
had the best eyesight (as evidenced by my ever-growing thickness of
glasses lenses over my lifetime) so I like things big and
high-contrasty (if anything, I could use another pixel-width thickness =P).

I suppose to due my differing opinion, I would +1 the option to change
inlet/outlet thicknesses, perhaps via TCL or .pdsettings.

Derek Kwan

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