[PD] drag and drop - tkdnd on osx

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Oct 24 00:51:18 CEST 2018

Lucas Cordiviola wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> I recently uploaded to Deken "pd-dnd-plugin" for windows. All the needed
> files are contained inside the plugin folder.
> I build it with sources from https://github.com/megrimm/pd-dnd-plugin.
> There you will find the prebuilt osx binary in the 'tkdnd' folder.  I
> guess it will work but i can't test osx things.

hi, lucas !

thanks a lot for joining in.

that package in your link i already got. it's "tkdnd 2.8" and 
downloadable from sourceforge here:


But my question was: where to put it, so that PD (on OSX) can find it ?
as i wrote, i am a bit confused, because i can't find the folder "lib" 
where i used to put that package into on windows to make the plugin work.

i figure, Tcl/TK things are dealt with a little different on OSX ...

about your "pd-dnd-plugin": sounds very promising, but how is it 
supposed to work ? i downloaded it "from deken" and it loads alright, 
but ... what do i have to do then ? ;-)

what is the plugin supposed to do ?
i can find no instruction file ...



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