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On 07.11.18 13:40, Peter P. wrote:
> * IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> [2018-11-07 13:28]:
>> On 06.11.18 13:15, Peter P. wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> looking at a german translation of Pd right now I am wondering if it
>>> makes sense to translate technical terms such as object, message, into
>>> their german-dictionary-counterparts. I find it counter-intuitive to be
>>> using, like most others, the english words object and messag in german
>>> but having these a bit awkward translations in the pulldown menus.
>>> Does anyone else have an oppinion on this? Thanks!
>> i feel your pain.
>> i mostly use Pd in English (`LANG=C pd`) to ease it.
> Which is great but hard for beginners to do on proprietary operating
> systems.

well, Pd supports the "LANG" setting on all OSs.
on windows you should be able to set a global environment variable
i don't know how to do that on mac.

an alternative is simply to navigate to the Pd-directory, change into
the "po/" directory and remove/rename the offending translation file(s)
(e.g. "de.msg"). after restarting Pd, the (german) translations should
be gone.

> Just today I discovered that even "array" and "graph" are translated to
> something very confusing and unnecessary german, which is never used
> anywhere is Pd's docs or help patches and is hence totally out of
> context. How would one edit the german internationalization of Pd in its
> sources?
> Into how many languages was Pd's GUI translated? Is anyone happy with
> these transations?

$ cd pd/po
$ ls *.po
$ ls *.po
af.po  bg.po  en_ca.po  fr.po  hi.po  pa.po     sq.po
az.po  de.po  es.po     gu.po  hu.po  pt_br.po  sv.po
be.po  el.po  eu.po     he.po  it.po  pt_pt.po  vi.po

which makes 21 translations (including variants like Canadian English
and Brazilian Portuguese).

iirc, pt_br and fr are quite well maintained, de and es are ok; the rest
is solala and might not have been updated since the Pd-extended days.

i remember having updated the german translations of "array" and
"graph", because i couldn't remember what the original translations were
supposed to mean - everytime i stumbled over them.
i guess that these days, i have touched most of the german translations.
but given my unease with l10n, there is certainly room for improvements.
so help is welcome.

# how to help?
the problem is mainly, that the translations need to be "compiled"
before they can be used. so it's not as simple as telling your students
to edit file x and be happy with a new translation.

so the way of the samurai is:
- get the Pd sources and the tools to compile it
  - also get GNU gettext (so you can build the translation files)
- get a PO-editor, e.g. "poedit"
- use poedit to open the translation you want to change
  e.g. `poedit po/de.po`
- fix all the offending translations
- save and exit poedit
- run "make locales"
  - this will build the required .msg-files from the .po-files
- restart Pd and check whether everything works :-)
- submit a PR on github

you can also distribute the updated .msg file(s) to your students, which
they need to throw into the po/ directory and restart to see an effect.

and don't forget submitting a pull request.


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