[PD] Self-compiled PD can't load Gem.dll on Windows

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Dec 4 17:52:02 CET 2018

On 03.12.18 13:55, oliver wrote:
> actually it was "pthreadVC.dll" in the BIN folder that caused the error.
> the self-compiled PD had its accompanying file "pthreadVC.lib" dated
> from 2002, whereas the .dll was from 2018. i figure here's the mismatch.
> so i exchanged the new "pthreadVC.dll" with the old one from the
> official .zip package and Gem loaded and worked fine !

so which dll(s) did you remove, exchange,... exactly?
(all this "new" and "old" and "official" kind of confuses me)


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