[PD] clone vs. dynamic patching

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Sat Jan 18 17:51:36 CET 2020

Em sáb., 18 de jan. de 2020 às 12:49, oliver <oliver at klingt.org> escreveu:

> João Pais wrote:
> > Hello list,
> >
> > I didn't try clone yet, I always worked with dynamic patching for
> > similar issues. For those who are knowledgeable, I would like to ask: is
> > there any advantage of clone against dynamic patching when using the
> > same circuit, or is it the same?
> > This pertains to patches working on both control and signal input/output.
> >
> if you are familiar with MAX:
> [clone] is nearly the same as [poly~]
> one feature badly missing is the possibility ta allocate dynamic "voice"
> (or "instance") numbers (i.e. how many instances of an abstraction are
> created). i hope miller has plans to implement this in the future.

right now, all you can do is a combination of using [clone] and dynamic
> patching if you want to change the number of instances on the fly
> (destroy the old clone object and re-create it with new arguments with
> PD messages).

Yeah, that's a nice feature to have, why don't you open a request on
github? https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues
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