[PD] live audio broadcast (radio) to lan with low latency

Marco Schretter mco at zimt.at
Mon May 11 02:25:01 CEST 2020

dear list,

i'm thinking about the following (corona)performance-situation without 
any good solution by now:

live performance situation where (an arbitrary no. of) people on the 
street can pass by and listen somehow to the performance live audio in 
'realtime' with their mobile devices. the performers are eg. behind a 
window or on a distant stage, so some of the live-sound will be audible 
to the listeners too.

that's why the system solution should have a low latency. the situation 
can also be considerated similar to a drive-in cinema.

i tried streaming with pd [mp3cast~] / [oggcast~] to an icecast server 
and listen to the signal on the lan with a browser but the latency is 
hell (device dependent, browser dependent, no control of buffers on 
receiver etc)...4000ms :-( . also other streaming solutions had quite a 
big latency.

another thought is to use ukw/fm radio transmission but i cannot expect 
people on the street to know how to receive ukw/fm radio with their 
phones. buying an event-licence for fm radio would only make sense if 
the listeners come by car. not my case.

silent disco systems also work (already tried this) but in corona times 
this is not hygenic and for me not possible to have so many 
receiver-headphones for an arbitrary number of listeners.

connecting to a 'performance'-WLAN for the users with their mobile 
device would be best. access should be easy - the users really can be 
anyone, so maybe without any tech-knowledge. browser-based would give 
access to anyone.

i'm thinking about a realization similar to the sennheiser connect 
system which distributes several audiostreams on a wlan. sennheiser 
connect is app-based and in worst-worst-case (means android) the system 
seems to have approx. 200ms delay. ios was faster in my listening tests. 
the problem is that the users need an app which means internet access 
for the installation...


ideas for a realization?

how 'low-latency' could a browser based streaming in a lan/wlan be?

would it be possible to receive AoO Audio over OSC? the question here is 
the receiver ?app? (webPD?).

as i found out several artists and audioengineers would be happy about a 
solution for this: how to reach the audience in a social distancing 

thanks for any hint

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