[PD] live audio broadcast (radio) to lan with low latency

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Mon May 11 07:50:17 CEST 2020


* Marco Schretter <mco at zimt.at> [2020-05-11 02:25]:
> dear list,
> i'm thinking about the following (corona)performance-situation without any
> good solution by now:
> live performance situation where (an arbitrary no. of) people on the street
> can pass by and listen somehow to the performance live audio in 'realtime'
> with their mobile devices. the performers are eg. behind a window or on a
> distant stage, so some of the live-sound will be audible to the listeners
> too.
> that's why the system solution should have a low latency. the situation can
> also be considerated similar to a drive-in cinema.
> i tried streaming with pd [mp3cast~] / [oggcast~] to an icecast server and
> listen to the signal on the lan with a browser but the latency is hell
> (device dependent, browser dependent, no control of buffers on receiver
> etc)...4000ms :-( . also other streaming solutions had quite a big latency.
> another thought is to use ukw/fm radio transmission but i cannot expect
> people on the street to know how to receive ukw/fm radio with their phones.
Yes, this is 2020. 
But you could tell them their phones might have FM tuners. Who knows,
you might start a retro revolution.

> buying an event-licence for fm radio would only make sense if the listeners
> come by car. not my case.

> silent disco systems also work (already tried this) but in corona times this
> is not hygenic and for me not possible to have so many receiver-headphones
> for an arbitrary number of listeners.
Can't you simply place a loudspeaker on the audience's side?

best, P

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