[PD] live audio broadcast (radio) to lan with low latency

Marco Schretter mco at zimt.at
Tue May 12 01:20:21 CEST 2020

hi peter,

Am 11.05.20 um 07:50 schrieb Peter P.:
> Hi,
> * Marco Schretter <mco at zimt.at> [2020-05-11 02:25]:
>> dear list,
>> i'm thinking about the following (corona)performance-situation without any
>> good solution by now:
>> live performance situation where (an arbitrary no. of) people on the street
>> can pass by and listen somehow to the performance live audio in 'realtime'
>> with their mobile devices. the performers are eg. behind a window or on a
>> distant stage, so some of the live-sound will be audible to the listeners
>> too.
>> that's why the system solution should have a low latency. the situation can
>> also be considerated similar to a drive-in cinema.
>> i tried streaming with pd [mp3cast~] / [oggcast~] to an icecast server and
>> listen to the signal on the lan with a browser but the latency is hell
>> (device dependent, browser dependent, no control of buffers on receiver
>> etc)...4000ms :-( . also other streaming solutions had quite a big latency.
>> another thought is to use ukw/fm radio transmission but i cannot expect
>> people on the street to know how to receive ukw/fm radio with their phones.
> Yes, this is 2020.
> But you could tell them their phones might have FM tuners. Who knows,
> you might start a retro revolution.
>> buying an event-licence for fm radio would only make sense if the listeners
>> come by car. not my case.
> http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/drive-in-music/
you are absolutely right and thanks for the answer!

everything was already possible several 'days ago'. also in my opinion 
fm is one of the most reliable and realtime solutions. same with 
infrared assisted listening systems - in several situations (eg. 
theaters) this is still 'state of the art' (best latency performance and 
good area-coverage!) though the technology is really *old. all main 
players still have ir systems in their product range. crazy... isn't it?
>> silent disco systems also work (already tried this) but in corona times this
>> is not hygenic and for me not possible to have so many receiver-headphones
>> for an arbitrary number of listeners.
> Can't you simply place a loudspeaker on the audience's side?
we thought about that. doubts: in public spaces this might cause a 
higher probability of 'listener-clouds' in the area of the loudspeakers 
which should be avoided. this might happen anyway in a performance 
situation but we want to reduce the probability with the system-design.

but yes, a higher number of distributed loudspeakers is an option. side 
effect is a higher number of people/time to physically set up (and down) 
the [fix scale] system. hmm, maybe still cheaper than a digital solution...

no upsides without downsides. let's see what happens in the end.

> best, P
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