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Em dom., 17 de jan. de 2021 às 20:09, IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>

> the only guaranteed font to be available on Windows and  Linux is "DejaVu
> Sans Mono" (and if the font-renderer weren't broken on  macOS, you could
> count on that font too). open the ttf-file with a font manager program and
> inspect it to see which glyphs it natively supports.

and it looks like it has (single) sharp and flat signs, but not double ones.

hmm, I'm looking at FontBook on DejaVu and I don't see sharp & flat signs.

> that doesn't actually sound perfect and ideal to me.
> fonts are generally large, and i would consider 𝄪 and 𝄫 to be edge
> cases.

yes, they are.

> i don't think i ever needed them; your use-case might of course be
> different

I was thinking of a database of scales, for didactical purposes, so G#
minor (parallel key of B Major) with an altered major 7th has F𝄪, for

> but i don't think we should target at satisfying each and  every usecase
> out of the box.

I was just thinking of all great possibilities we could have with a nice
set of musical symbol fonts, like displaying chords and being able to
design some simple notation things for chords and scales. More than double
sharp/flats, microtonal stuff like quarter tone would be also awesome. They
have that in open music.

Nonetheless, I guess one can try and design a GUI for that. But that'd be
way out of my league...

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