[PD] pd~ -nogui process with Gem [scopeXYZ]

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Sun Apr 11 17:57:51 CEST 2021


you need to send a message [pd~ start -nogui patch.pd< to your [pd~] object so it open your patch without gui.

Since pd and pd~ are synchronised at sample rate, if one of the process lag, the other will also lag. So it's not a good way to separate Gem from the audio.

Solution are :
- reduce Gem framerate so it did not create audio dropout
- use 2 puredata process that are not synchronised, and pass the audio from one to the other (using shmem by example), but Gem will not be faster, and you will get about the same frame as the previous solution
- use faster hardware

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Le 11/04/2021 à 17:16, Samuel Burt a écrit :
> Here's what I'm trying to do:
> On a Raspberry Pi 3, *I want to run an audio patch that generates LFOs and also have a Gem window that shows [scopeXYZ].* There are tremendous dropouts unless [scopeXYZ] has a very short length of samples to process.
> Here's one problem I've run into:
> I'm prototyping on Windows 10. I decided to try running the Gem component in a subprocess [pd~]. *The [pd~] object doesn't seem to accept the "-nogui" tag. How do I use it?* Will it also hide the terminal window that launches the second copy of Pd?
> Is this an effective method of separating Gem from audio on a Raspberry Pi? Is there a better way?
> Hi. I find it difficult to search for discussions related to pd~ because Google uses ~ for synonym searches.  Any tips for searching for [pd~] on the web and the mailing list?
> Thanks!
> Sam
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