[PD] Pd in cross-platform frameworks

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That sounds really interesting Dan, definitely looking forward for this!:)

> Am 09.10.2021 um 21:04 schrieb Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com>:
> One of my goals for libpd is to implement a GUI communication abstraction layer, similar too and possibly building upon the work done for Purr Data's GUI. The end result would you could implement platform or framework-specific drawing but the main logic stays in "Pd land" so you don't have to recreate the widgets themselves as we've done in PdDroiudParty/PdParty. You'd only need to handle "draw rectangle here" etc. This would be similar to how libpd already gives you message and MIDI handling.
> When I can get to doing this for real is another question, largely depending on resources and time.
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>> I use Flutter for my day job, which I highly prefer to native iOS and
>> Android development.
>> (If I ever have the time and energy, I am considering rewriting MobMuPlat
>> in Flutter, which would unite 4 separate implementations (iOS, Android,
>> Java Swing for desktop, MacOs) into a single implementation.)
>> While a Flutter GUI (and other layers of the app, e.g. data layer,
>> controllers, etc) is cross-platform, you will still need to have a 'native'
>> layer for iOS and Android in order to handle libpd integration and its
>> interaction with per-platform audio APIs. But that would operate the same
>> as existing iOS and Android native apps which use libpd; you would merely
>> add a 'plugin' wrapper (i.e. a Dart library which translates app logic into
>> calls to the native layer).
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